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Sooke salad

A taste of travel writing

Sooke is known for its wilderness and ocean-front parks but also its world-renown restaurants…

Jenny and Briar

Bus fuss!

Once I was kicked off a bus with my crying toddler. And then I got eviscerated on the Internet for it. And then the Dr. Phil show called …

ABCD, A to Z list on marrying

From A to Z

This assignment for 2Magazine involved wedding tips …

Harm’s Way: A series on drug safety

When I was a freelance writer, I had the chance to spend several months writing an investigative series on Canada’s drug safety system with the assistance of the Michener-Deacon Fellowship. The five-part series was published in The Ottawa Citizen.

Running commentary

I investigated 3-D gait analysis as another tool for runners to help heal existing injuries and stave off future problems…

Picture of a baby

The Boy with the Galloping Heart

This essay was shortlisted for the CBC Creative Non-Fiction Prize …

Book cover: My Wedding Dress

The Wedding Promise

I wrote the story of my wedding and it was published in the anthology My Wedding Dress: True-Life Tales of Lace, Laughter, Tears and Tulle, edited by Susan Whelehan, Anne Laurel Carte …