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I was fortunate in getting the right advice at the right time–from the right person–with Save Me, Kurt Cobain. I asked Zsuzsi Gartner (famed Canadian short story writer and Giller Prize nominee) if she would do a manuscript consultation, and she happened to be free. (And she is one busy writer. Her short fiction workshops at UBC fill up lightning fast!) It turned out this was a good idea for so many reasons. Zsuzsi is whip-smart, funny, and gave me great ideas for improving my ms in both the big picture and in the line-by-line business of sentences. She also has strong opinions about the best voices in rock! She got to know my book and she liked it–which gave me confidence. All this served me well. Not long after having Zsuzsi weigh in on Save Me, Kurt Cobain, I landed a fantastic agent and a perfect home for my  book. I  know that Zsuzsi’s  astute editing comments, positive reinforcement, and good humour bolstered me along the way. She cared: a lot.

ZZ, as she signs her name in email (a medium she reluctantly embraces, aware of the time drain for writers) has just put together a Writer’s Adventure Camp in Whistler. She will be helping participants in Fiction & as “Director of Fun.” Okay,  you can’t go wrong there. Plus, Whistler. Charlotte Gill (memoir & personal narrative), Mark Leiren-Young (humour), and Geoff Berner (song writing) will also be on board. Check it out here. Zsuzsi also does do manuscript consultations when her time allows, so if you need help pushing your fiction to the next level, I can highly recommend you give her a shout.

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